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Shipping & Delivery

🌹 I’m ready to place my order for a beautiful bouquet of roses! Do you ship to my address?

Currently, We are able to ship to any address in the continental United States.  We are standing by to prepare your order! Our roses are hand selected from our expansive farm in South America.  Each bouquet is shipped with care to ensure it arrives to the recipient’s doorstep in top-notch condition. 

🌹 I’m placing my order and am so excited for my roses to arrive! When can I expect them?

We offer a 3-day shipping lead time (excluding weekends) so that your roses arrive fresh & beautiful direct from our farm in South America!  When placing your order, you will be able to see the earliest delivery date available. You can also select a future delivery date if you would like your bouquet to arrive for a special occasion. 

🌹 There has been a mix up and my shipping address was entered incorrectly! Is there any way to fix this?

Have no fear, the Rose Farmers Support Team is here to help! 

If your order is still in the works, we are able to correct your address at RoseFarmers.com/Account  

If your order has already shipped, we unfortunately cannot guarantee that we will be able to update your address.…but contact us using the button below or Support@RoseFarmers.com ASAP with your order number we will do our best to work with our shipping partners to reroute your bouquet!

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Use the "Contact Us" Button Or Reach Out To A Rose Farmer’s Specialist At: Support@RoseFarmers.com

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