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Farm to Vase Sustainability

The Rose Farmers Promise

Rose Farmers™ is committed to ensuring the integrity of our business and our success.

Each rose you will receive is grown on our beautiful farm. After your roses have been hand selected, they will be shipped with care by our farmers.

By sending roses directly from our farm to your doorstep, we can cut down on both the shipping time and the cost of your bouquet. When you allow us to deliver your roses, you can guarantee your flowers will arrive fresh and in amazing condition. The Rose Farmers™ team will be along with you every step of the way as your roses complete their journey from our farm to your vase.

Rose Farmers - Farm Fresh Roses Direct to Your Door

Farm to Vase Sustainability

Rose Farmers™ has blossomed over the years into where we are today thanks to the hard work and knowledge of our employees, the support and praise of our customers, and the generosity and health of our land.

We strive to provide a positive experience not only for the individual at the end of the chain admiring our roses, but also for the greater society and the environment.

We consider our employees and the members of the communities are indispensable to our business. They are the people who sustain our everyday operations, but, more importantly, they are our friends, our partners, and our inspiration.

We owe our success to all the people who have helped us along the way. As such, we carry a responsibility to each and every one of these individuals. We are always working to improve and strengthen our relationships, not only out of gratitude, but also out of our profound belief that together we can flourish and grow.

Planting Roses with Care and Attention

A Note from the Farm

It's an honor to share our roses with you, straight from our farm!

Our farm is located in Ecuador, where local groups have instituted nationwide strikes in pursuit of better living conditions.

The strikes have led to roads around our farm being blocked. Our team is all safe, however our packages are not able to flow as we would like.

In order to guarantee you receive the freshest roses and on-time deliveries, we are pausing new deliveries from now until July 8th.

We deeply apologize for this inconvenience, and look forward to sending you some cheer very soon!


Happy Valentine's Day!

Our commitment to you is to deliver your order on time this Valentine's season!

Due to high seasonal order volume, we will not be able to modify your order once it's placed.
Please review your product selections and shipping details before finalizing your order.

Winter storms or other weather may impact UPS/FedEx deliveries, see our Refund Policy

We look forward to delivering beautiful flowers for you or your loved one!


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