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Kick Off Labor Day with Luxury Roses Direct from the Farm!

Starting at just $38.88 with Free Shipping!


Labor Day Weekend Deals on Roses!

Enjoy special pricing on our breathtaking Lavender, Pink & Red roses.  Mix & Match these colors by the dozen for one set price:

2 dozen roses delivered for only $38.88

3 dozen roses delivered for only $47.88

4 dozen roses delivered for only $54.88

This Offer Includes Free Shipping!

PRO TIP: Getting together with friends or family over the weekend?  Is someone BBQing?  Forget bringing coleslaw!!  Order 36 roses... bring 12 in a vase for the host, and keep 24 for yourself!  Split it up however you'd like.  Maybe the host only gets 6.  It's up to you!  

This summer went by so quickly & sadly nothing lasts forever.  Summer & this sale both end soon!


Purple Attraction Long Stem Roses (Add On)
Pink Passion Long Stem Roses


Select a Vase:

Modern Deco
Tinted Wash Glass

Complete Your Bouquet:

Ruscus Leaves (Addon)
Baby's Breath (Addon)
Mixed Lilies (Addon)
Teddy Bear
4 Bottles of Wine
La Belle | 1 Eternal Rose
La Charmante | 4 Eternal Roses

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A Note from the Farm

It's an honor to share our roses with you, straight from our farm!

Our farm is located in Ecuador, where local groups have instituted nationwide strikes in pursuit of better living conditions.

The strikes have led to roads around our farm being blocked. Our team is all safe, however our packages are not able to flow as we would like.

In order to guarantee you receive the freshest roses and on-time deliveries, we are pausing new deliveries from now until July 8th.

We deeply apologize for this inconvenience, and look forward to sending you some cheer very soon!


Happy Valentine's Day!

Our commitment to you is to deliver your order on time this Valentine's season!

Winter storms or other weather may impact UPS deliveries, see our Refund Policy

We look forward to delivering luxury long stem roses for you or your loved one!


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