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Be An All Star with Luxury Roses Straight from our Farm!

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YOU are an All Star and you make Rose Farmers possible.  We want to share OUR All Stars Roses with you! 

In a world where no one appreciated roses, our farm would have a very different look.  We'd probably be growing corn or potatoes.   Those are important crops, but they're rarely breathtaking.

Enjoy special pricing on our breathtaking Lavender, Pink & Red roses.  Mix & Match these colors by the dozen for one set price:

2 dozen roses delivered for only $38.88

3 dozen roses delivered for only $44.88

4 dozen roses delivered for only $51.88

This Offer Includes Free Shipping!

We think you'll always be an All Star!  This sale, however, is for a limited time.  Send yourself or someone you love a bouquet today! 


Red Romantic Long Stem Roses
Pink Passion Long Stem Roses
Purple Attraction Long Stem Roses


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