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Joy Bouquet in clear glass vase

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Joy Bouquet

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Surprise someone with this dazzling, contemporary tropical display! Rainforest riches gather in a tropical scene - if you can't make it to the tropics then bring them to you! 

Joy Bouquet Includes:

(2) Golden, (3) Heliconia, (2)Anglanomea, (6) Cardelyn, (2) Croto, (2) Masajeana, (1) Monstera, (3) Pandanus, and (2) Pandanus Curly. 

  ***Please note Tropicals Arrangements have a 5-7 day delivery time and have a 2 day delivery window***

Select a Vase:

Clear Glass Vase
Yute Bag

Complete Your Bouquet:

Golden Heliconia
Red Anthurium
4 Bottles of Wine
Red Alpinia Ginger
Pampas Grass Pink
Pampas Grass
La Charmante | 4 Eternal Roses
Pampas Grass Yellow
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A Note from the Farm

It's an honor to share our roses with you, straight from our farm!

Our farm is located in Ecuador, where local groups have instituted nationwide strikes in pursuit of better living conditions.

The strikes have led to roads around our farm being blocked. Our team is all safe, however our packages are not able to flow as we would like.

In order to guarantee you receive the freshest roses and on-time deliveries, we are pausing new deliveries from now until July 8th.

We deeply apologize for this inconvenience, and look forward to sending you some cheer very soon!


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